Automated lighting control to easily change the feel and mood of a room at the touch of a button

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Why use a lighting control system?

Dimming lamps has always saved energy and in an increasingly energy conscious world this is ever more important. Technological changes have let to a rapid growth in the lamp types available for use, with energy efficient light sources such as LED’s requiring more sophisticated dimming solutions than conventional tungsten. As a result, dimming controls need to be more advanced and well matched to the chosen lamps.

With a lighting control system, comfort and convenience can be incorporated into everyday life. Create a ‘Welcome’ scene or ‘Pathways of light’ upon arrival or turn the whole house off from the bedside or when leaving the property.

A lighting control system can also provide an additional layer of security for residential properties. with automated lighting, curtains and blinds together with timed or ‘holiday mode’ functions enabled, an impression of occupancy can be created. With static curtains and unlit homes being one of the biggest tell-tale signs to would-be intruders, this provides invaluable security. In addition, linking fire and burglar systems to lighting gives the comfort that if the worst happens, home-owners are not left in the dark with either a fire or an unwelcome guest.

Why choose us for smart lighting?

  • Qualified and Approved Rako installers, made in the UK
  • Over 18 years industry experience
  • Complete lighting package from system design, installation and programming
  • Our engineers are experienced in multiple lighting control systems
  • Complete integration into full smart home control
  • Full aftercare packages available