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Why is smart heating the best idea for your home?

Connecting your heating system to an application on your smartphone enables you to set heating schedules and benefit from Geolocation settings, automatically turning the heating down to pre set levels when you leave and back on when you return.

Depending on the system you choose and your central heating configuration, there are ways to control the heating requirements for each room individually. Turning off rooms that aren’t being used to save energy.

Depending on budget, your smart heating system can be simple or wide-reaching as you desire. As a minimum you will require at least one smart thermostat and hub.

You can benefit from a smart heating system in many ways. It can also work in conjunction with other smart home system features.

Smart heating systems are usually made up of three devices. The main component is a wired relay that attaches to your boiler, a wired or wireless temperature sensor and a control hub that is connected to your home network.

Within your system, you have the option to have one smart thermostat on it’s own. Or you can add additional thermostats and a collection of radiator valves. Many systems can be voice controlled as they are connected to your home WiFi. You will have the capability to adjust your heating settings from the comfort of your sofa by using voice commands for Alexa, Google Assistant or Siri.

Smart Heating can be used with:

  • Traditional Combi & System Boilers
  • Air source & Ground source heat pumps
  • Dual supply & Electric Radiators
  • Underfloor heating, both wet & electric
  • Air Conditioning