Are you looking for an AV entertainment system to replicate an authentic movie theatre experience in your own home?

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We offer many different Media Room solutions and options for every household. A Media Room would be an every day room like a living room or games room. A media room usually consists of a television and Audio System.

A Media Room is one of the main entertaining areas of a household with top quality audio and visual combined with home décor. Unlike a cinema room, which is dedicated for cinematic experience as its priority, a media room is designed with décor and usability taken into consideration for every day life, with the addition of an exquisite sound & visual experience for Films, Television, Gaming & Music within your main living space.

A media room typically consists of:

  • A large format television 4k or 8k quality
  • Audio Options include Dolby Atmos Audio soundbars, optional add on Subwoofer and Rear channels also available
  • AV Receiver with a full speaker package with a variation of setups and speaker arrangements to be able to create an immersive audio experience in your living room
  • As with all of our services all of our packages are completely bespoke and we recommend and install exactly what is required.