Always dreamt of bringing the experience of the authentic commercial cinema to the comfort of your own home?

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We work closely with you to understand the requirements for your home cinema installation – we like to initially meet you on-site and walk through what you want from the project. We then present a number of options to suit your home and budget, no matter how bespoke or unusual your requirements may be. This is a crucial process so that we’re able to design and recommend the right system for you.

A home cinema designed by HCP is unique to you and your home; no two cinemas are the same. Whilst we may specify the same equipment, the design and interiors of all of our home cinemas are designed from a fresh. Fabrics, seating and lighting is all designed to suit your exact needs and requirements.

Bespoke cinema room with custom seating and decoration

A dedicated home cinema system is typically made up of:


  • Premium, immersive entertainment – Take the best series and films to the next level with the immersive sound of Dolby Atmos® and ultravivid picture of Dolby Vision® for a premium entertainment experience.
  • Dolby Atmos® Audio augmented with a multi-channel power amplifier and anywhere from two speakers and a stereo power amp (for stereo sound) to a unlimited number of channels & audio processors on large residential systems.
  • Typically at least one low-frequency sub-woofer would usually be added to amplify low-frequency effects from movie soundtracks and reproduce the deep pitches from the musical soundtrack.


  • A large projected image from a UHD 8K / 4K laser video projector or a large flat-screen high-resolution UHD / 8K system.
  • A streaming device such as 4K Apple TV, 4K Roku or UHD Blu-ray player for movies or other video content.
  • Typically all devices and equipment is housed within a Audio Visual rack enclosure, which can be located anywhere within the home.
  • Intuitive control via URC 2.4″ touchscreen hand held remote or inwall/table top touchscreen.


  • Custom cinema seating gives the perfect final touch to give the ultimate luxury cinema experience and comfort in your own home.
  • We utilise Cinema Build Systems stretched acoustic fabric walling systems – It has the added benefit of neatly hiding any required cabling, sound treatments & speakers behind acoustically transparent fabric.
  • Acoustic treatments make up the final part of a dedicated room, isolating any external noise, reducing vibrations to give you the purest sound experience.