Home Cinema Rooms Cardiff

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Home Cinema Rooms in Cardiff

Why rush off to watch a movie in a crowded cinema when you can enjoy a full cinematic experience in the comfort of your own living room? The Home Cinema People design and build bespoke home cinema rooms in Cardiff. 

Whether your guilty pleasure is a jump-scare-filled horror or the latest animated pet movie, our home cinema rooms can give you the full big-screen experience from your own home. We design and create custom home cinema rooms with high-quality audiovisual technology and luxury cinema-style decor. You could turn your Cardiff home into a cinema. 

Your home cinema room will be completely tailored to your tastes and needs

The Benefits of a Home Cinema Room

If you’re a movie-lover, a home cinema room will elevate your enjoyment to the next level. Our bespoke solutions combine entertainment and style, creating a comfortable place to enjoy immersive, crystal-clear sound and video.  

Your cinema room will give you the full cinematic experience while keeping your cables and speakers neatly hidden from view behind the custom acoustic fabric walls.

What Do Our Home Cinema Rooms in Cardiff Include?

Every home cinema room we build is completely customised around the available space and your tastes. Here’s what yours could include:

4k or 8K Laser Projector

Enjoy the precision detail of a large-format UHD 4K or 8K laser video projector. Alternatively, you could have a large high-resolution UHD flat-screen system. Whichever option you choose, you’ll love the colours and detail they bring to your favourite movies.

A Streaming Device or Media Player

We can add your choice of streaming device or media player. This could include 4K Roku, 4K Apple TV, or a UHD Blu-ray player.

Equipment Storage Rack

To house your equipment and devices, we’ll use an audiovisual rack. This can be positioned anywhere in your home.

A Touchscreen Controller

Every home cinema room needs a comprehensive control system. We can provide an intuitive URC 2.4″ touchscreen hand-held remote, or a tabletop or in-wall touchscreen.

Immersive Audio Solutions

Hear every pindrop on the screen, and feel every explosion with immersive and multidimensional sound courtesy of Dolby Atmos®. We can add in subwoofers and more to give your movie soundtrack the full range of nuances you’d expect in a multiplex.

Custom Home Cinema Decor

The perfect sounds and visuals would be nothing without luxury seating.

The home cinema rooms we create use Cinema Build Systems acoustic fabric wall systems. Not only do these look great and hide equipment and speakers, but they improve the acoustics, stop vibrations, and block out unwanted sounds from elsewhere. 

Custom Home Cinema Rooms in Cardiff

We create bespoke home cinema rooms in Cardiff and the surrounding areas. Each cinema set-up we design is completely tailored to your needs. Call us today to arrange a consultation.