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Get Connected With a Smart Home in Cardiff

Forget about using multiple smart device apps to manage your technology. Connect your devices with one of our systems and enjoy seamless control over your smart home in Cardiff.

Smart technology is everywhere: in our phones, watches, speakers, TVs, lighting, heating, security systems, washing machines, and more. It brings convenience to our lives, enriches our experiences with the devices we frequently use, and provides security for your home.

Although you might have several smart devices in your Cardiff home, you may need to use multiple apps to manage them all. Sometimes, it can feel like a juggling act, just flipping back and forth between all the various apps, let alone setting up and configuring them all.

Bringing all of your smart devices together under the power of a single smart automation and control system makes everything in your home run smoothly in tandem. URC Automation is the way forward for effortlessly managing all of the devices in your Cardiff smart home.

Introducing the URC Total Control Smart Automation and Control System

At The Home Cinema People, we provide innovative smart home automation solutions for every household. With many ways to configure and control your technology, you can enjoy a smart home’s full potential for convenience.

Using your URC Total Control smart automation & control system, you can easily change lighting states, manage heating settings, or instruct your AV equipment to play your favourite music, TV shows, or movies.

With this simple and intuitive control system, you can also pro-configure any possible string of events in your Cardiff smart home with full URC Automation. The system’s versatility has to be seen to be believed!

URC Smart Automation in Your Cardiff Home

The URC Total Control smart automation and control system is perfect for both residential and commercial use, delivering precise and reliable automation in every scenario.

The MRX-30 network system controller is well-designed and easy to operate, giving you a full range of controls over any smart device. With a powerful quad-core processor, the size of your installation is no issue, and it provides smooth and consistent two-way communication with all of the URC interfaces within your system.

Installing Your Cardiff Smart Home Control System

At The Home Cinema People, we’re highly experienced in installing integrated smart home control systems. With over two and a half decades of experience working within the AV installation industry, you can trust us to automate your home to the highest standards.

We’ll tailor your smart home installation around your specific needs, taking your property and devices into account. We’ll start the process with a full consultation to ensure everything is perfect. Once installed, we’ll show you how to get the best out of your URC Total Control system.

Let’s Create Your Smart Home in Cardiff

With our custom smart home control system installations in Cardiff, you can enjoy the simplicity of the latest technology now. Contact us today to book your in-depth consultation.